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Professional Development

prof-developmentThe New Zealand Association of Language Teachers is committed to supporting its members and their students via a range of initiatives and professional development opportunities. Conferences and LangSems, run in alternate years, provide significant opportunities for PLD. Members can meet together to share ideas and resources, and to learn from each other. Additional PLD opportunities are often organised at regional branch level. Three Professional Development Awards (PD Award, Speak Up Award and Special Projects Award) provide financial assistance to members to carry out PLD.

Specific Language Associations

The NZALT values our relationships with Specific Language Associations (or SLAs) and as such, we maintain a close relationship with each of them to ensure we are able to best serve you, our members. For details on each of the language associations please use the links below to access the websites.

NZ Association of Japanese Language Teachers

Japanese flag

"We are a subject association whose purpose is to support teachers and students of the Japanese Language in New Zealand".

President: Jacky Yoshioka-Braid
School: Otago Girls' High School
Email: yoh at

For more information including subscription and membership visit the NZAJLT website.

Spanish Teachers' Association of NZ Aotearoa

STANZA is the Spanish Teachers’ Association of New Zealand Aotearoa. We’ve been supporting teachers and the teaching of Spanish in New Zealand for more than twenty years.

President: Cheryl Van Dijck
School: St Cuthbert's College
Email: [email protected]

For more information including subscription and membership visit the STANZA Website.

NZ Chinese Language Teachers Association

The New Zealand Chinese Language Teachers Association (NZCLTA) was formed to provide professional network and development opportunities for teachers of Chinese at primary and secondary level, in order to promote effective Chinese learning and teaching in schools.

President: HUANG Tian
School: ACG Senior College
Email: [email protected]

For more information including subscription and membership visit the NZCLTA Website.

GANZ German in Aotearoa New Zealand

GANZ is the New Zealand association for teachers of German providing information for learners and teachers of German undertaking primary, secondary and tertiary education in New Zealand.

President: Dr. Stephan Resch
School: University of Auckland
Email: [email protected]

For more information including subscription and membership visit the GANZ website.

NZ Association of French Teachers

The aim of the NZAFT is to promote the teaching of French actively, to provide opportunities to its members to network and to access professional development, as well as to communicate information relevant to the teaching and teachers of French.

President: Sue Pommerede
School: Woodford House
Email: [email protected]

For more information including subscription and membership visit the NZAFT Website.

International Languages  Exchanges and Pathways Language Advisers

National Language Advisors - ILEP

ILEP provides a range of dedicated professional support to teachers of languages in schools at different levels through its five-stage pathway.

Partially or fully funded by the respective donor governments the National Advisers offer language-specific support and advice on a range of aspects relating to language teaching and learning in New Zealand, including effective language acquisition, intercultural communicative competence, professional learning opportunities, networks and resources.

For more details  on the work of ILEP and contact information, please visit this link.

The following PLD initiatives are consistent with ILEP's five-stage pathway:

The Ministry-funded Teacher Professional Development Languages (TPDL) programme provides teachers of languages throughout New Zealand who are teaching at least one class of Chinese, Cook Islands Maori, French, German, Japanese, Niuean, Samoan, Spanish, Tongan or Tokelauan with the opportunity to critically look at their teaching, improve the effectiveness of their teaching, and improve their own language skills and qualifications.   Visit this link for further details.

Under the Ministry of Education’s Professional Learning and Development (PLD) support plan for secondary student achievement, the National Coordinators for Learning Languages focus on effective implementation of the New Zealand Curriculum and the NCEA realigned achievement standards as well as the development of literacy and language practices. Contact Belinda Sydenham for the Northern and Central North regions and Jeni Lemberg for Central South and Southern regions.

AFS New Zealand provides a range of professional development opportunities for teachers. These include managing the Ministry of Education supported Language Immersion Awards (LIA), hosting overseas educators in New Zealand schools, and being able to share and learn new teaching methods with educators from other countries. AFS New Zealand also provides exchange opportunities for students. Visit this link for further details.

The Sasakawa Fellowship for Japanese Language Education is a programme to encourage Japanese language education and Japanese studies in New Zealand. The Sasakawa Fellowship offers opportunities for students and teachers.  For more information, click here.

New Zealand’s universities, polytechnics and Institutes of Technology provide different levels of courses that can be useful for PLD purposes. These range from short courses in individual languages to opportunities to up-skill via  qualifications at Certificate and Diploma, Masters and Doctoral levels. Visit the webpages of the individual institutions for further details on what is available in your region.   Study awards to undertake further study are available through the Ministry-funded Teacher Study Awards scheme.


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