Annual General Meeting 2015

As previously advised, the Annual General Meeting of NZALT took place as part of Waikato LangSem on Friday 21st August.  The minutes of the meeting can be located on the dedicated AGM page at this link.  At the meeting, the nomination of Aaron Nolan as incoming President for a two-year term was confirmed, as was the Executive appointment of Martin East, immediate past president, to the office of Co-President for the duration of Aaron's presidency.  A document outlining the rationales for this appointment was also released as an agenda paper prior to the AGM and can be viewed from the AGM site.   As a consequence of these moves, Aaron and Martin will serve as Co-Presidents of the NZALT for the next two years - a first for our Association, but a scenario that capitalises on the different strengths, expertise, experience and networks that each is able to bring to the table.  All ROs are confirmed in office for one further year, apart from RO Massey which is currently vacant.