Excellence in Teaching Award for ‘World Class’ Teaching

Co-President of NZALT, Martin East, has just been awarded a Sustained Excellence in Teaching award from the University of Auckland. 

The award, contestable across the whole university, was made in recognition of Martin’s sustained excellent contribution to language teacher education in New Zealand.  An article published by the University today records Martin as saying, “It was a great honour to have received this award.  I greatly valued the support I received from colleagues both internal and external to the University to apply for this award, in particular those who took time to write to the selection panel about my work.  It was humbling to read their supportive comments, and to get a glimpse of how others view my work.” 

One student’s nomination described Martin’s contribution to teacher education as ‘world class’ and providing ‘high quality development at the beginnings of my own professional career.’  The article acknowledges Martin’s global recognition for his expertise, teaching and research into language teaching, learning and assessment.

The full post can be accessed from this link.  [http://www.education.auckland.ac.nz/en/about/news/news-2015/10/double-take-for-teaching-excellence.html]