Five Key Recommendations to Strengthen Language Learning in NZ

5 key recommendationsAs a consequence of the Auckland Languages Strategy initiative, and consolidated by the subsequent ILEP summit held in Auckland last year, NZALT and the Asia New Zealand Foundation co-convened a working group to determine collaboratively the key issues and possible solutions to resolving the decline in language learning in our schools.   This group was co-chaired by Jeff Johnstone, Director Education, Asia New Zealand Foundation, and Martin East, President  NZALT.  The final document arising from this initiative is now available for distribition.  All attendees at our NZALT Conference 2016 in Nelson received a complimentary printed copy.  A limited number of further print copies is available on request to [email protected].   The pdf version, which members are free to download and distribute to further the aims of language learning in New Zealand, is available below.

Five key recommendations for learning languages to thrive in NZ schools