Important Changes to NCEA Languages – Internal Conditions of Assessment

NZALT is very pleased to be able to report to members an important change to the internal ‘interact’ and ‘writing portfolio’ conditions of assessment, effective immediately.

Proposed changes to the CoAs (.3 and .5) have been ratified. As of this year, a change has been made from a minimum of three pieces of evidence to a minimum of two. (Teachers are, of course free to do more if they wish.) The suggested word counts and times have not changed as they are a guideline only. Performance evidence suggests that students were almost all already meeting these within two pieces, and NZQA considers these still to be a sensible guide to the amount of evidence required in total.

The CoAs have been updated by the Ministry and Shirley Bain has updated the NZQA clarifications documents - these will all be published shortly. There will also be a circular going out to schools.

Both NZQA and NZALT hope that this move will take a bit of pressure off languages teachers and students. NZALT was very pleased to have been involved in direct discussions with NZQA about this, and to have had the opportunity to provide input on behalf of members and seek the endorsement of National Executive.

Shirley comments, “I feel pleased that our organisations were able to work together to make a change which will benefit the languages sector.”   Martin (co-president) comments that the change from three pieces of evidence to two accords with feedback he had received from teachers about workload and the amount of evidence required, collected as part of his recent study into the ‘interact’ standard. A full report on his research will be published early in 2016.