Languages for New Zealand – Researching Their Value

A special New Zealand research report on the links between French in the secondary school and the French language in the job market in New Zealand has recently been released by the New Zealand Association of French Teachers (NZAFT). In the words of Sue Pommarède, NZAFT President, the research presented is “very thorough and gives us a number of insights into the future direction of French language teaching if we are to meet the demands of employers.  Of interest is the emphasis on translation, on writing and on being multilingual.”  Sue notes, “I would like to thank [the authors] for their comprehensive efforts on our behalf, pioneering the study into how useful French can be in the practical job market.”

If you would like to access a copy of the report, please email Sue at [email protected].

The following link will take you to a document, published recently in the UK, that presents several key facts about each of the five main international languages taught in New Zealand. These facts may be useful to colleagues to help promote the value of language learning across the range of languages offered in New Zealand schools: languages-for-the-future.