Languages in the Media

NZALT_faviconIt seems New Zealand’s election campaigning has had the added benefit of raising the public’s awareness about learning languages other than English.  Following on the heels of National’s policy proposal around second language learning in primary schools, Annabelle Sinclair (NZALT President) was interviewed about her own views on the benefits of starting younger.  Martin East, Immediate Past President and academic at the University of Auckland, followed on with his critique of National’s policy as ‘a woefully inadequate language proposal’.  Sally Hill, academic at Victoria University of Wellington and Head of the School of Languages and Cultures, wrote about Helen Clark’s lost opportunities as a monolingual English speaker.  On behalf of its members, NZALT takes every opportunity it can to bring home the message of the positive benefits of learning an additional language, and to work proactively with our partners who support language learning.