Ministry of Education Language Immersion Award for Teachers of Chinese

    • Do you want to engage your students to achieve more in their Chinese language learning?
    • Is your school currently introducing or does it already have an existing Chinese language programme?
    • Has your school recently received ALLiS funding?
    • Do you want to improve your Chinese language and cultural knowledge?
    • Do you want to create vibrant language lessons with updated knowledge?

If you answered YES to any of these then applying for a Ministry of Education Language Immersion Award under Chinese language could help you achieve your goals for improved language teaching and learning in your classroom through a study opportunity in China.

These programs are administered by AFS and represent an unparalled opportunity for professional development. The study award for Chinese is fully supported by AFS with enrolment into one of 3 leading Universities in China for short or long term language study.  The Universities have been selected to ensure that the study aligns with the outcomes expected for the LIA across all levels.

Further details about the program can be accessed here or, by clicking on the flyer below. Applications close on 27 July so be sure to move quickly on this amazing opportunity.

Finally, a representative from AFS will be present at the NZALT Conference in Nelson along with a previous LIA teacher who will be doing a presentation - a perfect reason to register and attend!