New Book on ‘Interact’ to be Launched

Book coverA new book on the interact standard is set to be launched at the University of Auckland on 14th June.  Details can be found at this link: Book launch June 2016.

The book represents the culmination of an extensive two-year research project into the introduction of the new interact assessment, carried out by Martin East.    It provides an in-depth view of teachers' and students' perceptions about interact in comparison with the former conversation standard which it replaced, and addresses the following questions:  what is working?  What is not working?  What could work better?

In the acknowledgments section of the book, Martin writes, "I thank sincerely all the participants in this project who completed a survey, or who asked their students to complete a survey, or who participated in an interview with me. Without the help and support of those who are willing to give their time when invited to do so, research projects such as the one reported here cannot come to fruition. The willingness of participants enables their voices to be represented."

From the Foreword by Professor Jack C Richards:

"Assessing Foreign Language Students’ Spoken Proficiency makes an outstanding and
original contribution to the field of second and foreign language teaching, providing a
theory and research-based account of the development of a learner-centred approach
to oral proficiency assessment. It is an important resource for teachers and teacher
educators as well as assessment and curriculum specialists worldwide. It deserves to be
widely read."